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Please note the price is costed at £25 per individual letter.


Letter tributes are beautiful letters created from the freshest flowers and edged with stunning hand folded ribbon. Letters are usually chosen by members of the immediate family and sent to the funeral directors to go with the coffin in the hearse. They usually include a word that describes the person like ‘Dad’, ‘Mum’, or ‘Nan’. But I can work with you on whatever word or tribute you’d like.


Chrysanthemums will be used to decorate each letter and there will be  'a shoudler' area  on each letter (The shoulder area forms a smaller area on the design and sits on top of the base layer and is formed of a smaller arrangement of flowers; normally in a contrasting colour and with different flowers/foliage). 


Please note the price of £25 is per letter



This floral arrangement is based on floral foam and edged in a ribbon of your colour choice.



Ordering and Delivery:

Delivery area is the South Lakes and please note a 7 day pre-order time is required.



Please Note that due to the seasonal availability of flowers & foliage’s it is not always possible to replicate the images shown and on occasions substitutions may be made. I will always ensure that the quality & value is the same and you will be informed if there are substantial changes required at which point you can decide if you wish to go ahead with your order.

Letter Tributes

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